Brigitte Fischer

Dancer, musician, choreographer and pedagogue. An athletic and musical training during her childhood, then dance for leisure soon became a passion and a job. First steps in a musical show in Lyon (tap dancing, jazz, song and comedy), plus in parallel studies in psychology and physiotherapy.

An escapade with Zavatta circus where she learnt monocycle techniques, tightrope walking and clown.

1982, first contract in a musical show, and the desire to go deeper in investigation for contemporary dance. In Paris, she got interest for works from Jacques Patarozzi, Peter Goss, Larrio Ekson, Michèle Cacouault…and later Myriam Bern, Claude Coldy, Dominique Bagouet, Jean Gaudin and Michel Raji (L.A.C : « laboratoire des Acteurs Créateurs” in Toulouse). All these encountered people allowed her to get different techniques, to work on composition and improvisation, to dance in different companies and develop a personal philosophy that permitted her to finally teach dancing and be a choreographer.

In parallel, she learnt Cuban and African percussions, which in 1994 enabled her to integrate the company « Les Commandos Percu ». Then in 1998, she strengthens this learning with a professional training at Music’ halle (school for “live music” in Toulouse) as a percussionist. This enabled her also to play the piano, instrument that she had already tested and learnt as a child.

Then, she turned towards body energy-giving techniques (relaxation, massages, yoga, Qi-Gong) in order to enhance her teaching. She created a specific work for actors and dancers, children also, and teaches body percussions and tap dancing.

She likes mixing styles and people. Always searching and thinking to go deeper in her work, she travels through dancing, music, theatre and life… a desire to go further and further.