Pedagogy – Actors & Dancers

Start the day with a basic work on body energy-giving structures in order to stimulate vitality, help getting centered, access to the universe of sensations and discover the essence of movement (work based on principles from relaxation, yoga, qi-gong, do-in, fundamental movement, massages…).

The stretching and limbering-up of backside muscles in order to give a better posture to the body, in a normal morphology.

The centre, named « hara » in Japanese philosophy, is the center of the entire human being, linked to the strength, the health, the integrity of a person, the heart of one’s relationship to the world and universe.

A work that can be applied on a daily basis both for dance and theatre.

The work on postures will help getting progressively in the movement (fluidity, flexibility and power to find out one’s natural mobility).

The balance and out-of-balance to find out suspensions…to feel the effect of gravity… work on falls in different forms of energy.

All of this will give clues to look for a better self-control of the body’s weight.

Learning various gestures that everyone will adapt to his/her own energy and to his/her own potentialities..

A work based on occupying and getting oriented in the whole space. Space architecture awareness will allow to move around in peculiar spaces.

All this matter will be used to access to spontaneous movement and composition : discover the keys to open the way to our inner worlds.

The rhythm where body and voice become percussion instruments : with basic sounding gestures learn notions like tempo, measures, quavers, 2 times-base or 3 times-based rhythms, multi-rhythms…

Look for the intimate relationship with music, to finally find out the body musicality (various musical universes and use of percussions).

Build architectures (solo, duo, trio…) where gesture, body and voice create forms, spiral lines and colors that cannot be caught by common sense but request use of senses.

Contact-dancing in order to highlight the fact that dancing is a sharing out. Be aware of one’s own “animal”, as taught by Steve Paxton, who demonstrates the presence of an underneath element inside the socialized person, below this own part of ourselves that uses oral language, linear thought and movements behavior that correspond to civilized spaces.

Possibility to evolve in nature.

Working on oneself and sharing with others to find again the breathing of life, simplicity, naturalness and dance humanity.

Investigate on the fragility edge and not on the strength edge.